Worrying and fear of what the future awaits, with what’s happening in the world right now, maybe most of us have to think of it every once in a while.

Feeling anxious that leads to stress and overthinking because of the pandemic or any personal problems?

Dealing with anxiety is somehow complicated especially within these trying times, but there are ways to cope and slowly lift our spirit from being down.

  • Emotion Acknowledgment. Acceptance of what you feel. If you’re feeling sad, anxious, angry, fearful, or whatever emotion it is, listen to your mind and body. Let the emotion sink in and live with it even just for a moment. Feeling down lately? You can cry. It’s best to write up what you feel, keep on track the flow of your emotions. How often do you feel this certain emotion? Write it up to see the changes in your mood and see the pattern.
  • Know your triggers, now that you’ve tracked the pattern of your emotions, you can identify what is the cause of that certain mood. When you felt sad on a specific day, identify what is the root cause of that emotion. The next time you will have that feeling again, then you can easily specify what triggers you. Triggers can manifest into a person, event in your life such as memories, actions, or even words. These are the factors that cause your anxiety or change of mood/feelings.
  • Eliminate or avoid the culprit of anxiety. If being around with a certain person makes you feel uncomfortable or worried, then cut your connections with them. If can’t be avoided, better lessen the communication towards them. A toxic environment can be the main cause of your anxiety, as much as possible stay away from those kinds of surroundings. If a specific memory, word, or action triggers your anxiety, then better tell people around you about it, so they will be aware and avoid manifesting it.
  • Divert emotions. Find a new hobby, or develop a new skill. We need to move to avoid overthinking. If you lay-down all day scrolling on that phone then surely you’ll be fed up and drained after. Build a habit that you can practice most of the time to lessen the time from worrying and being anxious. Try exercising, baking, cooking, painting, writing, cleaning up your home, or whatever movement that can divert attention from worrying and make you feel relaxed and occupied.
  • Share your thoughts. Socializing is somehow a release of anxiety but not for all. Some people prefer to keep it within themselves. If you’re not comfortable sharing it with others, then write it up like what I said in #1 above. If you’re the vocal type of person, better share it with someone close with you. Seeking a professional’s help would be also the best recommendation to do. When you can’t handle your thoughts and experiencing serious anxiety attacks, kindly press this link to contact a certain professional mental health worker to help you. Mental health is as important as our physical body’s health. Whenever we get sick, the first thing that comes in our mind is to see a doctor. Then why not with our mental health as well.
  • Meditate, the simplest way to calm and take care of our mental health. Making a habit of a 5-10 minute mindful breathing with relaxation music is a good exercise for our mental and spiritual being.
  • LOVE YOURSELF! No one can help you from battling with your thoughts but YOURSELF. Believe in the power of your mind, if you think you can conquer any obstacles and worries that you are experiencing then definitely it will. A positive mindset can bring hope and freedom from our anxiety and worries.


To be beautiful inside and out is every woman’s dream in life, and being hair-free is a reflection of cleanliness and beauty for most of us.

Personally, having a hairy body is my most hated flaw. I’ve tried several methods of hair removal and I am going to share it with you in this blog.

Here are the list of different ways on how to remove unwanted hairs as well as its pros and cons, also added some personal tips and experiences in each method.


PROS: Cheapest, easiest, and fastest method. Razors can be bought in any store and groceries at an affordable price. Just a couple of slides from the razor then you’re already hair free and good to go.

CONS: Hair is not pulled out from the roots that make it grow faster, coarser, and prone to ingrown. Shaving can also cause scratches and uneven skin tone (especially on armpits) due to friction from the razor’s sharp blades pressing on the skin.

EXPERIENCE AND TIP: I’ve tried shaving my armpit and legs way back in high-school. The outcome turned into the formation of ingrown hairs and an uneven skin tone. On the other hand, the convenience that shaving gives is substantial. When you don’t have enough time to remove those tiny hairs just grab a razor and do its trick. My tip is to put a shaving cream before the razor touches the skin, it will give a smoother and gentler effect. Used CONDITIONER as a substitute for shaving cream before.


PROS: Hair removed from the roots, it doesn’t grow too fast compared to shaving. A cheap and eco-friendly method because it only requires the use of tweezers unlike the frequent change of razors in shaving.

CONS: Time consuming, some unwanted hairs are hard to reach—i.e. plucking hairs on the armpit can cause a neck strain from looking down there for a long period. This hair removal method can also cause chicken skin, ingrown hairs, and pulling out hairs is painful especially when it is your first time.

EXPERIENCE AND TIP: Until now plucking is still practiced when I have no chance to wax. The downside of plucking are the ingrown hairs, it makes the skin look dirty plus those annoying little bumps (chicken skin). On the positive note, the hair takes a little bit longer to grow back. In shaving, just a couple of days the hairs will start to be seen again compared to plucking it takes a week or two to notice fully grown hairs. My tip is to cleanse your body before plucking (wipe it with a damp cloth/cotton), pull the hair from the roots to avoid ingrown hairs and after care is to put an Aloe Vera gel or any soothing cream to help your skin recover from the trauma of pulling the hair out.


PROS: Hair removed from the roots and takes a couple of weeks up to a month before it fully grows back. Waxing regularly can make hair look thinner and less noticeable.

CONS: Waxing is a bit of an effort and needs an extra budget for it. Pain can also be felt especially when you have fully grown hairs to be waxed.

EXPERIENCE AND TIP: I used to wax my hairy legs and armpit before (wax kit bought from drugstores) but find it hassle and messy to do. Then I discovered waxing salons and it’s a game-changer. Lay Bare is my go-to place to remove unwanted hairs. Sadly, due to the pandemic hair removal salons are still not operational especially around NCR. And I don’t want to risk my health just for my unwanted hairs. This quarantine I planned to make a DIY wax kit, but a bit hesitant to fail again. Already tried making one long time ago and it turned into a hard-stone-sugar-candy and left me with a burned finger! However, a few days ago I found Azúcar Waxing on Instagram. Luckily, I got the chance to try it.

Once you ordered from Azúcar, you will receive a tub of wax, a spatula for mixing/scooping, and instruction/care card.

For the price of Php 200 per tub, you can get an amount of wax that can cover your whole body’s unwanted hairs or even share it with a family member or a friend.

The wax’s consistency is thick but not too hard, it’s not sticky when you knead and pull out hairs easily. If you tried waxing at Lay Bare, the wax’s consistency were the same with them. You can check out there IG page to see how their wax looks like and a demo on how it is used.

Azúcar uses organic ingredients that suit even sensitive skin and pregnant women. It also has a whitening extract that gives a brightening effect on the skin after waxing.

Skin redness is a normal reaction after waxing, it’s best to put soothing cream to the waxed area.

The long wait is over girls! We don’t have to be hairy like a bear at home this quarantine. Try Azúcar’s sugaring wax and see it for yourself.




Probably to every one of us this is the longest period in our lives that we were stuck at home. No malls, no parks, no mass gatherings. Quarantine being extended and extended, slowing down the number of people outside, and also protecting ourselves from getting infected by the virus. We need to STAY AT HOME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

There is always an advantage and disadvantage in every situation. To bring positivity within myself and to avoid anxiety while a lot of problems were arising around the world, I have chosen to be productive.

These are the things that I have been doing during the quarantine period to make myself occupied at home:

PRACTICED MY BAKING/COOKING SKILLS. I am a hardcore sweet tooth. I can indulge myself in eating sweets all day and every day. To satisfy my cravings, creating DIY desserts, and other food became my solution for it. The process of baking and cooking makes me feel delightful and my creativity side also activates.

my quarantine baking series :p
  • CLEAN & DECLUTTER. Since I became a mom my neat freak self evolved. I do meticulously clean every mess I see. I get irritated seeing dirt and clutters. Cleaning is also therapeutic for me, it gives calmness & peace whenever I see my room fresh and tidy.
  • READ & WRITE. During this pandemic, I’ve read several books. (I just reread my old books, I can’t visit book stores right now) I have often written in my journal and here on my blog as well.
    *Let’s not spend our whole day at home scrolling on different social media accounts. Grab a book or download a PDF version of it online and start to read. Might as well get a blank sheet of paper then start writing what you feel, your goals, plans, and realizations in life.
Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan My current read. I took a snippet of this page ‘coz I am just amazed that my favorite convenience store chocolate was being mentioned in this book. hehe :p
  • WORKOUT. A week after lockdown started, I tried doing different exercise routines. I started from building my core strength, healing my diastasis recti after giving birth. Then continued with HIIT exercises targeting the abs, legs (booty), and arms. (click the hyperlink to watch workout videos I used.) I do this every day from Monday until Friday for at least 10-30 minutes in the morning. I got hooked on exercising regularly, aside from making my body fit working out also releases “endorphins” a.k.a the happy hormone.
  • MEDITATE. This is a very helpful method to reduce anxiety and overthinking especially experiencing crises without seeing a clear future for us. You can download meditation apps on your smartphone, search meditation guides on Youtube or listen to meditation podcasts on Spotify and other music platforms. Meditating makes you focus on the present moment, to relax, remove the tensions on your body and gives you a clearer mind.
  • Home school/Tutor my kid. Starting this June, I am slowly preparing my child to be ready for homeschooling due to this pandemic. I explain to her lessons then she will answer questions from the module (which I bought from Happy Learners). I don’t force her to learn, a 30-minute “class” is good already, so she won’t feel pressured and I want her to feel that homeschooling is both learning and bonding with me as well. P.S. This is not yet a formal DepEd accredited home schooling.
our makeshift classroom
  • BINGE WATCH. It’s not bad to give our self some recreational moment. We must be entertained and educated at the same time during this pandemic to help lessen our anxiety.
    I’ve been into watching theater plays too. *it reminded me of my college days. Missed doing theater productions. 😦

Plays I’ve watched (free online) during the lockdown:

ctto of the photos above

Aside from this kind of shows, I also watched several series and movies on Netflix and YouTube.
*Please avoid watching pirated films. Theater & Film producers are giving free online shows during the lockdown were you can donate for a cause.

SWEENEY TODD: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) I highly recommend this film. Better give it a chance to be watched. The screenplay, scoring, cinematography, and casting were so great.

And last but not the least from the list,

  • PRAY. My family built a habit of praying after dinner. For two months we’ve been doing rosary every night intentionally for the pandemic to stop & bring us back to our normal lives. I also practice attending to Sunday Online Mass.
A Prayer to Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic*

These are some added routines during my everyday lockdown moments, aside from taking care of my kids. Hoping you get some idea on what to do if you feel bored BUT it is not necessary to be busy every day. We can take this quarantine period to give ourselves time to rest and to reflect in life. No pressure at all. Stay at home & be healthy. -mcg